Motorcycle Projects
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My three biggest projects for the Honda so far were a trailer, a 2-into-1 muffler, and a parts bike.

The Parts Bike Click here Blue Lite  to get to a log of what I am doing to fix it up, and includes a few thumbnail pictures that you can click on to get a bigger picture.

The Trailer

I made a trailer for the Honda 175.  This is my backup in case I have problems on the road when I am too far to push it home.  A second use for the trailer is to take the bike on camping vacations down south in the winter.  I have also used it to pick up a new bike for a friend, and to take my Honda to a custom exhaust shop to be fitted with a two-into-one header system, to pick up a "parts bike", and to rescue the "parts bike" when it threw the cam chain 60 miles from home.

It was made with a standard utility trailer kit with a piece of plywood for the floor.  I cut up a 2 by 4 into three pieces to make a wheel chock.  Then I added a few ring bolts on the frame, and a couple of ratchet tie downs.  The unusual feature of this trailer is the front loading.  To load the bike, I have to uncouple the trailer from the car and place a short ramp over the tongue.  Then I can push or drive the bike up single handed and attach the ratchet tie downs to the handlebars.  A front loading trailer has a very short gradual loading ramp compared to a rear loading trailer.

loading.jpg (259314 bytes)Click on this image for a bigger picture of loading the trailer.

The Mufflers

The Honda 175 mufflers rust in a short time, and are expensive to replace. I decided to order a compete custom solution that would be a permanent solution. I was not concerned about better sound or original look. My specifications were:

1. To be quiet enough to not be objectionable to bystanders.  

2. A 2-into-1 system with a muffler that could be replaced with a generic mail order type.  This makes it cheap to replace, and it also lasts longer because one muffler heats up faster than two.  It is also lighter than the twin system.  I wanted it on the right to eliminate problems with the stands.

3. No noticeable loss of power, no rejetting

4. No cutting or welding the bike or the old mufflers,  no interfering with any existing parts such as kickstart, sidestand, centrestand, oil change plug. The system should be removable so I could put back the original mufflers when I needed to. 

My exhaust was made by Pro-Formance Cycle in Orangeville Ontario.  It met all of my specifications and a few more I never thought of.  It has not cracked in use, it does not rub against anything, and I can pull out and modify the baffle if I want to. 

twotoone.jpg (58531 bytes)       twotoone2.JPG (124970 bytes)

The muffler is not as quiet as I would like, but it is much lighter.  With stock mufflers, the CD175 sounds like a bumblebee using a sewing machine.  The stock CD175 does not have a thrilling exhaust note, to put it mildly.  Although  I didn't change the exhaust to get a better  sound, I actually think it is. Click on the link below to hear a wav file with the custom 2 into 1.  Much easier than describing it.  The sound is at idle with some fibergass packing and with the interior tube openings crimped for a bit more back pressure.  The microphone is just beside the exhaust opening.