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In the summer of 2002, Mary Ann and I made a 10,000 km trip out west on the BMW K1100LT.  We stopped at Sturgis along the way.  Here are some pictures in the form of thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version. 

walldrug.JPG (66797 bytes)In front of Wall Drug.  Five cent coffee, five cent refills,  Mary Ann.  Do the math.


wallchat.JPG (77448 bytes)While Mary Ann gets coffee, I chat with the locals.





corbin.JPG (69626 bytes)This is right in Sturgis at the Corbin stand.  My K1100 is second from the left in this picture, with the army duffel bag and a load of other stuff bungied on. Click on the thumbnail and examine the three bikes in a row and the progression in the height of luggage. 


deadwood.JPG (80131 bytes)A visit to Deadwood near Sturgis, a neat place to walk around.



firstbison.JPG (80083 bytes)In the Black Hills, Custer State park. First sight of a buffalo.  Looks harmless at this point.



manybison.JPG (71768 bytes)Starting to see more of these animals. 



buffaloroam.JPG (42166 bytes)  We were surrounded by buffalo, so seconds after this picture, I tried get away by  to accelerating through the space between the buffalo up ahead.  As I was busy watching the gap between them, two other buffalo (very close but just out of the picture on the left) charged across the road right in front of me. Now I know what they mean by "You can't ride a motorcycle in a buffalo herd."

tunnel.JPG (104089 bytes)a narrow tunnel on the way to Mount Rushmore.





mtmavesmall.jpg (77922 bytes)Mary Ann was never actually president of the USA, even though her face is up there. When we were at Mt Rushmore this summer they were having a promotion to raise money, and for $1500 (US) you could get a stonemason to chisel your face on the mountain while you wait. We said "Let's go for it!!!".  You will need to click on the picture for the bigger version, because otherwise her face is kind of small.  See if you can find it.

Bena2.jpg (51936 bytes)This is the gas station in Bena Minnesota.  We nearly ran out of gas, so that's why I stopped. I saw a sign in the window naming 24 deadbeats who didn't pay their bills. I paid up and we continued on. We thought the highway sign said  "Pop. 25".  Long after we got back home, we both remembered our pit stop in this little town. I decided to look up this deadbeat infested place on the internet and found out that the population is actually 148 (with a picture of the sign as proof).  And that the gas station/store was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I sure would never have guessed when I was there.