My Honda CD175 (and other) Blogs
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Click on the links to the left for maintenance logs on my bikes. All maintenance was done by me, and I am not a professional mechanic. I am posting this information to help others avoid the mistakes I made, and to pass along tips I learned from others.  I hope the CD175 logs will help you to keep on riding your CD175 forever, basically.  And you may get some ideas even if all you want to do is fix it up and sell it.

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Unlike most web logs, mine start at the top with the oldest entries. Press the end key to get to the latest entries. I write my logs as I do the work, and this leads to inevitable errors, as I learn as I go, and sometimes I write misunderstandings of what is happening.  Then months or even years later, I find out I was wrong. Instead of correcting my old logs, and appearing to be all wise,  I go back to update my old logs with a note in red like this (Note from the future: This is wrong, as of the time of this update, here is what I know) I have a summary of each log below, and you can click on the title to go there.

Red's Weblog. 2001

Starts July 2001 with the purchase of Red, continues to November 10, 2001. Highlights  burning out the rectifier, and replacing it and the battery. Other stuff that happens riding a 32 year old Honda.

Blue Lite Weblog 2001-2002

Starts December 10, 2001 with the purchase of "Blue Lite" as a parts bike.  Stops September 5, 2002. I take it apart and put it together over the first winter before I can get it on the road, and ride it in the summer of 2002. Comments on taking the forks apart, some painting and Bondo work, how to break an impact driver, getting the brake pedal off, cable routing, how to clean out the oil spinner, replacing a missing spoke, test driving on the road, trials (enduro) tires, problems with rust in the gas tank, leaky petcock, stuff falling off, riding the first 1000 miles, impending signs of doom, cam chain breaks.

CD175 Weblog 2002 - 2003

Starts September 9, 2002, with Red riding in the 'hood' after Blue Lite eats her cam chain. Fine tuning the carburetor and muffler, sorting out problems at 60 mph cruising speed. Blue Lite gets a reconditioned engine installed, and the first test firing of this engine.  Comments on 17" rear street tires for CD175's.

CD175 Weblog 2004  - June 2008

This is the 2004 riding season.  I start out on Blue but after a few weeks I mothball Blue (in excellent running condition at the time) and get Red back on the road. Crap! Now Red has the same high speed problems as Blue last year.  But I finally locate the problem!  Read this log to see the surprise ending.

CD175 Weblog June 2008 to Current.

This is my latest maintenance log, mainly for any major problems. I am not tracking minor maintenance like adding air to tires or adjusting an lubing the chain, for example. Red and Blue are both still in running condition, and adding miles.

Engine Log Winter 2002-2003 CD175 Engine Rebuilds

Starting in September 2002. This is mostly about rebuilding some CD175 engines in the basement over the winter, and a few other distractions. The top end rebuild of Blue Lite's engine to fix the cam chain problem. Observations on why cam chains break. Problems getting the head off,   honing (actually de-glazing) the cylinders, my custom valve spring compressor, lapping valves, buying another parts bike, "Junkers", with a frozen engine. Dealing with seized pistons, getting Junkers engine together using my leftover parts from Blue Lite, fun with a Dremel tool, scraping gaskets, piston ring theories, exhaust valve oil seals and  cushions, taking it apart again because I forgot something during reassembly, (repeat as necessary), put engine in frame, take it out, put it back in, get it running.

Other Logs
I have logs on other motorcycles besides my CD175s.  There are logs on the 1993 BMW K1100LT, 1972 Honda 450, the 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, and the Suzuki Burgman 400.  To see them, click on [motorcycles] at the top of this page, and then go to the motorcycle you are interested in.  If I don't have a log for it, email me and ask, I might set one up.  To get my e-mail address, see the top of this page.