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Picture: I photoshopped the Rhino charging together with me riding my CD175. The turban is also photoshopped, I normally wear a helmet. (Last updated December 31, 2009) This is the Yahoo! newsgroup where you can register free (it is supported by advertising), post questions, and search for other questions.  As far as I can tell, this is currently the best site for CD175 owners. You can also get in touch with people who might have parts for sale, or to sell parts.  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club home page. Carla King's Motorcycle Misadventures website. I thought the adventures of touring with the Ural were very funny, as are most Ural trips.  She also has some views on world peace, a concern for most motorcyclists traveling outside the beaten path.

Sources for Honda 175 Spare Parts and New Parts

The following websites are sources of parts, if the local Honda dealer can't get them. I cannot personally recommend these sites as I have never had to order anything from either of them. But other people have told me they use these sites. If you have the parts numbers, you can just browse these sites to see what they have. If you are just browsing it is helpful to have the parts fiche or catalog for numbers, then you can find out price and availability. CMSNL and Weternhills I think have an online fiche available for your information  You can find new Honda CD175 parts - you can also get reproductions of the Honda CD175 mufflers here.  In searching for new CD175 parts, I found more choice here than at David Silver.  I found that some pricing was way more expensive, but some bargains too if you're lucky.  This company is located in the Netherlands (Holland).  Check out their new and big selection of old Honda brochures. (I didn't see any CD175's but lots of other strange stuff)  This is in Ohio, USA. They have an online parts fiche, My CD175 is listed under Honda > 1969 > CA175K3. It also has the CB175 which may be of some use.

CAUTION TO CANADIANS: If you order stuff from the USA and it gets shipped via UPS, you will get hit with an extra brokerage fee after delivery (above and beyond what they told you the shipping cost would be).  THIS IS A RIP OFF. The US Postal Service so far has never charged me for brokerage fees this way.

Wiring Diagram

CL175WiringDiagram.jpg  This is a wiring diagram sent in by one of this website's a readers. It would be helpful if you don't have the official manual, actually this diagram is clearer than the official one.