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Page last updated December 16, 2009

Look for my email address hand written in the picture above.

Alternatively, you can post comments on any of my blogs below, no userid or personal info is required. The comments are posted immediately, and I usually look at (and respond to) the comments within a few days.

Vulcan 900 Classic LTD


Honda CD175 And any other motorcycles you are interested in can go here too

The Lost Motorcyclist This last blog has my writings on motorcycling and other topics.

Other links, my online Photo Album, and Video channel

I also have photo albums on Picasa. What I like especially about Picasa is how you can place your photos on a map an show where they were taken, pretty cool for road trips. The photo album is here: http://picasaweb.google.com/rbezeau/ By the way, I have the picture above in a Picasa album, along with the precise longitude/Latitude on the map.

And my third experiment is to post videos on YouTube, I have put a few short videos up just to see how it works, under the name of rbez1984, at this link http://www.youtube.com/user/rbez1984 So far, the most popular of my videos, “How to drive in snow” (driving my Toyota Matrix out of a snowbank), and Mary Ann's Burgman in the video titled “Ramming Speed”

About Microverse

My web site is not a commercial site, I ask for and I receive no money for it and I pay for the space I use. The only advertisement is what I put on for free just because I am supporting a non profit organization like Amnesty International for example. I have no connection with them, they don't even know I have the banner and link on my page.

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