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Iím not sure if it was a sane decision to ride a motorcycle from Kitchener to Daytona for Bike Week 2002.  We would have to go two-up as Mary Ann does not have her own bike.  We are both in our fifties, with enough medical complaints to make a car trip iffy.

Here are some pictures of the trip and preparations for the trip.  Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture

IM000068.JPG (62836 bytes)The practice run in February to Cambridge and back.  For the actual trip I changed to leather pants with track pants under them.

IM000138.JPG (68330 bytes)This is what the bike looked like in Dresden, the first night away from home. (March 5th)

IM000143.JPG (76005 bytes)The ferry crossing into the USA at Walpole Island. March 6th

IM000146.JPG (137760 bytes)This is Ormond Beach (I think) Florida, the fifth day (Saturday March 9)  This is our first day actually in Florida.

IM000156.JPG (448181 bytes)Last day of Bike week.  Sunday morning, minutes before I knocked the bike over trying to stuff my left saddlebag.  Many people have already left.  Although the picture looks quiet, imagine the sound of three or four Harleys being revved to redline nearby, and Interstate 95 is about 40 yards behind me as I take the pictures.  Many Harleys on that road too.

kayak.JPG (88575 bytes)We spent another 5 days in Florida.  Doing more peaceful environmentally friendly things to make up for bike week.

home.JPG (85703 bytes)
March 19th, made it home. BTW This is Mary Ann in the picture, not me.  I had a black helmet on this trip, but I can see how somebody might make a mistake!