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In February to March, 2004 I took the BMW Baja, Mexico.  I had the usual mix of advice - "Don't do it, it's too dangerous", or "Go for it, wish I could go with you but my hair/fingernails need a manicure.." etc.  I went, I liked it.  So without further ado, here are a few pictures. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

40klicks.JPG (36684 bytes)There is a speed limit sign in here, it says 40 kph.

bigcactus.JPG (94849 bytes)There are some big cacti in Baja.

travesti.JPG (61384 bytes)My favourite internet cafe in Ensenada.  It is next door to the Quee'ns Transvestite bar and family restaurant (that's as close as I can make out the translation.)


badweather.JPG (49200 bytes)Can't have a real trip without some bad weather.

morning.JPG (50196 bytes)Some really nice scenery south of Loreto.

motelbrenda.JPG (58821 bytes)The Motel Brenda, Loreto.

dolphin.JPG (38727 bytes)Nice lookout spot - I watched a dolphin swimming in the shallow water below the cliff.