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I first learned to drive a motorcycle in Sierra Leone, West Africa in 1969 - 1972. My motorcycle was a blue Honda CD175.  I liked it much better than using  public transportation. 

I found a web page with a description of Sierra Leone public transit at this link.  If you read it you might understand why I chose to ride a motorcycle instead. Click on the link to go to Alma Cunningham's web site, hopefully you can find your own way back to my site when you are done. [EXTERNAL]

tofreet.jpg (177883 bytes)

 This is Blue #1 on the road to Freetown, with home made seat cover and saddlebags. My raincoat is tied to the gas tank.  It was raining when I started the trip and I had no other place to put it. You can see a painted arrow on the road - they were put there for the big conversion from driving on the left to driving on the right.  A fun time to be there with a motorcycle.

I don't have many pictures of Blue in Africa. I busted my camera on the first trip by not packing properly, then lost several rolls in the mail.

Many of the pictures on this page are in a blue frame, meaning you can click for a close-up.


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I have a few pictures I took of other people's bikes.  This one is picture of Percy's CD175 adapted for touring, with a chair back welded to the carrier.  He had bought this to replace his Honda 65 for a trip he and his friends planned through Africa.  I heard later that he had had an accident and was not able to continue with his friends on the trip.


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This is Martin and Adrienne heading to the Post Office. I have another picture of Martin in my web page on my Yamaha DS7 trips.  Martin bought a Honda CB350 after returning to Canada.  We met up later in Canada and toured Ontario and Quebec.



One day if peace comes to Africa, and I am still able,  I may try to go back with a motorcycle and get some good pictures of my own.

When I get a new slide scanner, I can post my own pictures of Sierra Leone, Africa from 1969 -1972.